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SenseCAP IoT LoRaWAN® Solution Demo Kit : Comprehensive Remote Data Acquisition and Communication Solution

SenseCAP IoT LoRaWAN® Solution Kit: Comprehensive Data Acquisition and Remote Communication Solution for the SenseCAP ONE Weather Sensor V2, S2100 Data Logger and multiple SenseCAP LoRaWAN S210x Sensors. Utilizing low-power LoRaWAN® technology, it is ideal for various low-power, long-range monitoring applications, such as smart agriculture and smart cities.


    Weather Station
    Data Logger * (6 months free trial on SenseCAP Cloud Platform & Mate APP)
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    Adapter Box
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    Gateway *(enjoy efficient device & data management on SenseCAP Cloud Platform & Mate APP)
    Power Supply
    LoRaWAN S210X Sensor * (6 months free trial on SenseCAP Cloud Platform & Mate APP)


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    To enable you to better experience the features of different plans, we offer different kits:

    • Industrial IoT LoRaWAN Kit

    Purchase the LoRaWAN® Solution Kit: Simply set up the SenseCAP Multi-Platform LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway or LoRaWAN Outdoor Gateway for seamless connectivity under LoRaWAN coverage. Connect the S2100 LoRaWAN Data Logger and SenseCAP ONE Weather Sensor using the Junction Box Kit to collect and effortlessly transmit environmental data to your chosen cloud platform. Optionally, enhance your setup with a power adapter and various SenseCAP S210x LoRaWAN Sensors, easily configured via scanning for swift data transmission.

    Introducing SenseCAP ONE Weathe Sensor V2 with a sensor capturing up to 10 environmental data types. Buy our IoT solution, join our device experience program, and get a 50% discount coupon, saving up to $1000! Limited to 50 sets – act quickly!

    The following table shows the details of the SenseCAP S210x LoRaWAN® Sensor:



    Measurement Objects






    Air Temperature

    -40 to +85 °C

    0.01 °C

    ±0.2 °C

    Air Humidity

    0 to 100%RH

    0.01 %RH

    ±1.8 %RH



    Light Intensity

    0 to 160000 Lux

    1 Lux





    400 to 10000 ppm

    1 ppm

    ±(30 ppm +3% of reading) (extended range ±10% of reading)

    Air Temperature

    -40 to +85 °C

    0.01 °C

    ±0.2 °C

    Air Humidity

    0 to 100 %RH

    0.01 %RH

    ±1.8 %RH



    Soil Temperature

    -40 to +80 °C

    0.1 °C

    0 to 50°C: ±0.5 °C

    -40 to 0, 50 to 80°C: ±1 °C

    Soil Moisture (VWC-Volumetric Water Content)

    0 to 100% (air-water)

    0 to 50%: 0.1%

    50 to 100%: 0.5%

    0 to 50%: ±3%

    50 to 100%: ±5%



    Soil Temperature

    -40 to +80 °C

    0.1 °C

    0 to 50°C: ±0.5 °C

    -40 to 0, 50 to 80°C: ±1 °C

    Soil Moisture (VWC-Volumetric Water Content)

    0 to 100% (air-water)

    0 to 50%: 0.1%

    50 to 100%: 0.5%

    0 to 50%: ±3%

    50 to 100%: ±5%

    Electrical Conductivity (Only supported in S2105)

    0 to 23 dS/m

    0 to 5 dS/m: 0.01dS/m

    5 to 23 dS/m: 0.1dS/m

    0 to 5 dS/m: ±5%

    5 to 23 dS/m: ±10%




    0 to 14 pH

    0.01 pH

    ±0.1 pH

    Temperature (Built-in junction box*)

    -40 to 80 ℃

    0.1 ℃

    ±0.5 ℃


    S2120 (8-in-1 Weather Sensor)

    Air Temperature

    -40.0 ~ 80.0 ℃


    ±0.5℃ (0~80℃); ±0.6℃ (-40~0℃)

    Air Humidity

    1~99 %RH


    ±3% (1~90%RH); ±4% (90~99%RH)

    Barometric Pressure

    540 ~ 1100hPa



    ±8hPa (540 ~ 699hPa)

    Wind Speed


    0.1 m/s

    ±0.5m/s(<5m/s ); ±10% (> 5m/s)

    Wind Direction


    ± 8°

    Light Intensity

    0 ~ 200000 lux


    ± 5%

    UV Index

    0 ~ 16.0



    Rainfall Intensity

    0 ~ 450 mm/h

    0.254 mm/h

    ± 7%


    A1101 (Vision AI Sensor)

    LoRaWAN Vision AI Sensor

    HiMax HM0360 Sensor; Lens size 1/6"; 3P+1R Lens Construction; F/No 2.4±5%; Full-color 30W pixel; Max Frame rate 640*480 VGA 60 FPS (192*192 is the ideal supported resolution for AI model); Optical FOV 82º; EFL 1.98mm

    Plug-and-Play Connectivity Solution by SenseCAP

    For quick data acquisition and plug-and-play convenience, SenseCAP offers different networking solutions.

    SenseCAP is dedicated to providing plug-and-play industrial-grade IoT products, ensuring users swiftly access necessary data. Choose between 4G cellular or LoRaWAN wide-area wireless solutions based on your needs.

    Why choose the LoRaWAN® solution

    SenseCAP S2100 Data Logger is a LoRaWAN-based data collector suitable for environmental data monitoring in large farms or cities. With long transmission distance and low power consumption, it allows distributed deployment for extensive data collection, including air quality and temperature. It offers stable operation with battery power and easy setup, complemented by various plug-and-play sensors like temperature, humidity, soil, and pH.

    Explore other solutions: 4G Solution Kit

    In addition to the LoRaWAN® connectivity solution, SenseCAP also offers an advanced 4G solution. To learn more about this solution, please click here.


    Now, when it comes to selecting the right solution for your specific application, it's crucial to consider your unique requirements. Let's briefly compare the advantages of our 4G and LoRaWAN solutions:

    4G Solution

    LoRaWAN® Solution


    Cellular coverage (4G/3G/2G) for connectivity.

    LoRaWAN® Network


    Site-based centralized data collection, capable of collecting ten or more measurement values within a range of several tens of meters.

    LoRaWAN's distributed deployment collects diverse environmental data over several kilometers. Unlike 4G, it reduces costs for widespread use of numerous devices.

    Power supply

    Solar-powered with built-in battery backup for continuous operation.

    Low power consumption, battery-powered, with a single deployment lasting 5 to 10 years.


    Compatibility with sensors from different manufacturers (RS485 Modbus-RTU).

    Compatibility with sensors from different manufacturers (RS485 Modbus-RTU, Analog and I/O input )


    Suitable for long-term outdoor use.

    Suitable for long-term outdoor use.

    View data on the SenseCAP cloud within 5 minutes.

    We also provide software and cloud services for quick configuration, making it easy to deploy Sensor Hub and manage devices and data:

    SenseCAP Portal is a web-based platform for you to manage the devices, data, and access key conveniently.

    SenseCAP Mate App (with iOS and Android) is provided for you to bind the devices to your account conveniently.

    SenseCAP API is provided for you to simplify the implementation of your applications.

    SenseCAP Dashboard allows you to create your own visualized application conveniently.

    Direct Data Connectivity/Private Deployment Solutions:

    1. Retrieve data from the SenseCAP Portal.

    SenseCAP provides an easy-to-use cloud platform for data transmission. Users can bind devices to their accounts by scanning QR codes using the mobile app, enabling device management and data viewing. The platform also offers complementary APIs, including MQTT, HTTP API and Data OpenStream API, for data access and integration.

    You can refer to the SenseCAP API Document for more details.

    2. Connect device data to the client-server directly.

    4G Sensor Hub can directly transmit data to customer servers via MQTT. For more information, please refer to the Developer Guide for Private MQTT Messaging of SenseCAP SensorHub.
    ● For LoRaWAN solutions, users can set up their own LoRaWAN Network Server, such as TTN, Chirpstack, Loriot, etc.

    Installation and Deployment Instructions

    For a seamless installation experience, we have prepared a detailed installation guide with step-by-step instructions to ensure easy setup.

    Quick Start Guide for 4G & LoRa® Solution Demo Kit

    Features of the New SenseCAP ONE Weather Sensor V2

    • Comprehensive Monitoring: The SenseCAP weather sensor integrates high-precision sensors to monitor various parameters, including temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, and air quality.
    • High-Precision Measurement: Advanced sensing technology ensures accurate and reliable data, meeting rigorous requirements for scientific research and real-time monitoring.
    • Industry-Standard Design: With a -40℃ to 85℃ working temperature range and an IP66 protection rating, it is ideal for outdoor and harsh environments, offering UV, rain, and dust protection.
    • Output interface: RS485 (MODBUS-RTU) / SDI-12
    • Thermostatically-controlled heating system: Independent heating power supply for use in extremely cold environments.
    • Easy Installation: Designed for simplicity and quick setup, the device is plug-and-play, requiring no specialized knowledge. With easy operations, you can install and configure the weather station effortlessly.
    • Versatile Application: From agriculture to meteorological research, environmental monitoring, and urban settings, the SenseCAP ONE Weather Sensor adapts to diverse scenarios and applications.


    • Smart Agriculture
    • Smart City
    • Power Transmission
    • Renewable Energy
    • Transportation and Traffic

    SenseCAP solutions have been deployed globally in diverse scenarios, including smart city urban heat island monitoring in Cagliari, Italy; real estate construction site monitoring in Johannesburg, South Africa; smart lighting poles in Shenzhen, China; smart vineyard monitoring in western Portugal; and smart high mountain tea monitoring in Sichuan, China. To learn more, please click here.

    SenseCAP Tech Support

    Thank you for choosing our products! We are here to provide you with different support to ensure that your experience with our products is as smooth as possible. - Latest Open Tech From Seeed



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