Seeed XIAO BLE nRF52840 - Supports Arduino / MicroPython - Bluetooth5.0 with Onboard Antenna

Seeed XIAO BLE is an ultra-small size, ultra-low power Bluetooth development board based on the Nordic nRF52840. It features an onboard Bluetooth antenna, onboard battery charging chip, and 21*17.5mm thumb size, which makes it ideal for IoT projects.




Get inspired!  To better support Internet of Things developers and enthusiasts to utilize this tiny yet feature-rich board, and accelerate the implementation of IoT industry, smart wear projects and TinyML. Seeed has launched a sponsorship event, manufacture your Seeed XIAO BLE prototype for free with Seeed Fusion PCBA service. Click here to apply now!


  • Powerful CPU: Nordic nRF52840, ARM® Cortex™-M4 32-bit processor with FPU operating at 64 MHz
  • Wireless capabilities: Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, and ZigBee module with onboard antenna
  • Ultra-small size: 21 x 17.5mm, Seeed Xiao series classic form-factor for wearable devices
  • Ultra-low sleep power: 5 μA, deep sleep model
  • Battery charging chip: BQ25101 chip supported lithium battery charge management
  • Rich interface: 1x Reset button, Ix UART, 1x IIC, 1x SPI, 1x NFC, 1x SWD, 11x GPIO, 6x ADC, 1x Three-in-one LED,1x User LED
  • Onboard 2 MB flash
  • Onboard PDM microphone and 6-axis IMU (only for XIAO BLE nRF52840 Sense)
  • Single-sided components, surface mounting design


As the first wireless product in the Seeed XIAO family, Seeed XIAO BLE has equipped a powerful Nordic nRF52840 MCU which is designed in a Bluetooth 5.0 module, built around 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M4 CPU with Floating-Point Unit(FPU) operating at 64Mhz. With the capability of wireless connection, it still remains the Seeed XIAO series classic form-factor of small and exquisite which can be used for wearable devices and Internet of Things projects. Furthermore, it only costs 5 μA in the deep sleep model and it supports battery charge management because of the BQ25101 chip. To better support IoT and TinyML AI projects, there is an advanced version "Seeed XIAO BLE Sense" that carries both 6-axis IMU and PDM microphones. 


Compare to XIAO RP2040, XIAO BLE has a richer interface. The first thing to note is that the Near Field Communication(NFC) is functional on the board. Secondly, there is a tiny and elegant reset button on one side of the Type-C interface. On the other side, it is designed in a three-in-one LED along with a power LED. There are 11 digital i/o that can be used as PWM pins and 6 analog i/o that can be used as ADC pins. It supports UART, IIC, and SPI all three common serial ports. Same as Seeed XIAO RP2040, it has an onboard 2 MB flash which means it can also be programmed by Arduino, MicroPython, CircuitPython, or other program languages. 


As XIAO form factor, XIAO BLE supports both Grove Shield for XIAO and XIAO Expansion board. There is a slight difference between the pins and refer to the Pinout it is easy to manage. If you are interested in programming embedded machine learning, we have Codecraft graphic programming that can help you quickly start your own TinyML project. And we have set up a #tinyml channel on our Discord server, please click to join for 24/7 making, sharing, discussing, and helping each other out. We can do this all day.



Seeed XIAO BLE - nRF52840

Seeed XIAO BLE Sense - nRF52840


  Nordic nRF52840

  The same as XIAO BLE

  ARM® Cortex®-M4 with FPU run up to 64 MHz


  Bluetooth 5.0/NFC/Zigbee

  The same as XIAO BLE

  On-chip Memory

  1 MB flash and 256 kB RAM

  The same as XIAO BLE

  Onboard Memory

  2 MB QSPI flash

  The same as XIAO BLE


  1xUART, 1xIIC, 1xSPI, 1xNFC, 1xSWD,

  The same as XIAO BLE

  11xGPIO(PWM), 6xADC



  Onboard PDM digital microphone

  Onboard 6-axis IMU


  21 x 17.5mm

  The same as XIAO BLE


  Circuit operating voltage: [email protected]

  The same as XIAO BLE

  Charging current: 50mA/100mA

  Input voltage (VIN): 5V

  Standby power consumption:  <5μA


  • Wearable devices
  • Wireless connect
  • Embedded machine learning projects
  • Perfect for mini Arduino projects
  • Tiny Machine Learning application

Hardware Pinout

Seeed XIAO Serias


All the I/O pins are 3.3V, please do not input more than 3.3V, otherwise, the CPU may be damaged.

Part List

Seeed XIAO BLE nRF52840x1
7 Pins Header x2


HSCODE 8543709990



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