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SenseCAP Industrial Environmental Sensing Kit

The Industrial Environmental Sensing Kit provides a comprehensive set of robust,  industrial-grade hardware, including the SenseCAP Sensor Hub and various industrial sensors. The kit can be solar powered, enables you to perform thorough and reliable monitoring of water, air, soil and weather properties to build a complete data-driven environmental IoT solution.


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    Why Monitor the Environment?

    Even as urbanisation and digitalisation heavily transform the world, the natural environment remains an integral part in both daily living and industries. Environmental monitoring through IoT allows parties to maintain a data-driven understanding of the environment that they live and work in to drive decisions that improve not only productivity but also quality of living!

    Introducing Seeed’s Industrial Environmental Sensing Kit

    The Industrial Environmental Sensing Kit is a one-stop comprehensive solution for all your environmental sensing needs - consisting of the SenseCAP Sensor Hub and 6 additional industrial sensors to measure a wide range of environmental data. The kit provides robust capabilities in monitoring water quality and soil properties, as well as atmospheric and weather conditions.

    The kit comes with a Waterproof PV-12W Solar Panel to supply power to remote sensor infrastructure, a sensor system can generate its own power. In most cases, the cheapest and most convenient method is solar panels combined with a battery. When the sun is bright enough solar panels provide enough electricity to power the sensor system and charge the battery for the night or during times when the sunlight is not sufficient.

    Kit components are designed with IoT solution longevity in mind - boasting reliable build quality for prolonged outdoor deployment in a variety of conditions. Furthermore, all of them use the reliable Industry-Standard MODBUS-RTU RS485 protocol which has proven to be effective even in noisy environments. This also means that you can easily add other RS485-compatible sensors to the SenseCAP Sensor Hub (which can host up to 32!).

    Collected data can be subsequently easily transmitted to the cloud through the Sensor Hub using 2G/3G/4G LTE.

    The SenseCAP Industrial Environmental Sensing Kit allows you to monitor the following environmental data:

    Kit Features:

    • Durable: suitable for long-term outdoor applications
    • Complete Set of Industrial Sensors - Monitor Water Quality, Soil, Atmosphere and Weather Properties

    • Robust, Cross-Compatible Industry-Standard Communication Protocol with MODBUS-RTU RS485 and  sturdy frame protects the solar panel from deformation

    • Excellent Build Quality Designed for Longevity - Robust Industrial Grade Waterproof Aviation Connectors and Housings

    • Powered by the SenseCAP Sensor Hub 4G Data Logger with Diverse Wireless Connectivity Options

    • Access to the SenseCAP Ecosystem, including the SenseCAP portal, mobile application and API


    • Agricultural Development

    • Green / Smart Cities

    • Industrial Productivity

    • Industrial Safety

    • Environmental Preservation

    • Distributed Healthcare

    Why Use the SenseCAP Industrial Environmental Sensing Kit?

    SenseCAP is focusing on industrial sensing applications: smart agriculture, precision farming, and smart city. It consists of hardware products (sensors, data-loggers & gateways, etc.), software services (SenseCAP portal, mobile App, open dashboard), and API for device & data management.

    • Accurate data for environmental monitoring, insights and decision making
    • Simplify hardware acquisition efforts with a convenient, comprehensive sensor suite
    • Robust hardware for solution longevity, reducing long-term maintenance costs
    • Ready-to-use solution with the SenseCAP ecosystem’s extensive documentation software stack


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