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Vegetable Gardening Monitoring Kit

Helping you grow garden vegetables by adopting IoT technology. Using sensors to monitor your plants, and knowing the current and historical planting data on your mobile App, it is convenient for you to take good care of plants and provide plants with better soil, sunlight, and temperature growing environment.







    Join Seeed’s Prime User Program on Helium Network, which is for incentivizing creators and early adopters of IoT/AI solutions in the real world. If you are observant and have insights into the specific problems in these regions and industries. We will be glad to provide you with support here!








    Since this product is still in the DVT(Design Validation Test) stage, the final shipped product may differ from the current specification description. In the final product, prevailing parameters will apply. We are still completing the certification process for the products, so there are no certificates available yet.








    Having a Vegetable Garden is fun. You will be amazed by the garden-fresh food for its sweet, juicy flavors and vibrant textures, especially if you grow them yourself! Those moments are as satisfying as you harvested yourself.








    It's easy to start growing vegetables in your garden, but getting a good harvest is hard. You have to consider a mix of plenty of matter to help your plants grow. The soil feeds your plants with nutrients, the sunlight gives energy. You'll have poor, unhealthy plants if you have thin, nutrient-poor soil, weak sunlight spot, and unsuitable temperature.
















    Gardening could be a very rewarding hobby once you can keep track of your plant’s health, by using sensors to monitor the plant growth environment, timely watering, fertilizing, and ensuring sufficient sunlight, a better harvest can be obtained.








    Let’s start with soil and water.























    How’s the solution work

    It is very easy to use the S210x sensor to monitor the vegetable growing environment in your vegetable garden. The SenseCAP sensor uses the LoRaWAN communication technology. In the LoRaWAN network, the sensor is like a mobile phone, and the Helium gateway is like an operator base station. If your garden is already covered by Helium Network, then you can directly connect the sensor to Helium and it will be ready to measure and upload data once you activated it. Those data will help you make decisions.

    Except Helium gateway, we highly recommend that you use our SenseCAP M2 Multi-Platform LoRaWAN Gateway, which is a standard LoRaWAN® gateway that supports connection to different network servers. With its affordable price of $99, its cost-effectiveness becomes a standout advantage, especially when building your private LoRaWAN network.    

    1. Download SenseCAP Mate App


    2. Get the sensor activated


    3. Deploy the sensor in your garden










    4. Read measurement latest value and historical data






















    There are many other IoT devices in the SenseCAP product line. If this kit cannot fully meet your needs, or if you have a great application scenario based on the Helium network and need software and hardware equipment support, please contact us through [email protected]. Also, if you are a system integrator and provide turnkey solutions for your customers, we also hope to provide you with product support.








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