Grove Starter Kit for Seeed Studio XIAO

Grove Starter Kit for Seeed Studio XIAO assembles the Seeed Studio XIAO series compatible Expansion board, various kinds of Grove modules, controllable components in one box, along with free Seeed Studio XIAO Series courses. Launched this economical kit, Seeed Studio is encouraging the beginners to quickly get started with development boards and then proceed to realize little and individual fun projects.

  • 10+: ¥4,508.53



Seeed Studio XIAO Expansion board supports all Seeed Studio XIAO development boards.


  • Enhance Seeed Studio XIAO Series ability: Include the series compatible Seeed Studio XIAO Expansion board, offering various data transmitting interfaces and functional peripherals for Seeed Studio XIAO development boards
  • Assemble multiple Grove modules: Provide Accelerometer, Temp, Humid, Infrared, Light, Motion, Rotary angle sensing functions, along with Servo, LED Socket Kit, and RGB LED Strip, all of which support simplified Grove cable connection
  • Assemble additional controllable components: Include 20 key-mini controller, LED Pack with green, red, blue, white
  • Attach specific Seeed Studio XIAO Series Courses: Present beginner-friendly courses for quickly getting to know development boards like Seeed Studio XIAO Series and then proceed to realize individual projects


Grove Starter Kit for Seeed Studio XIAO gathers Seeed Studio XIAO Expansion board, various kinds of functional Grove modules and controllable components in one box. Attached Seeed Studio XIAO series courses, it was launched by Seeed Studio, with the purpose of encouraging the beginners of development boards to quickly get started and then proceed to realize individual fun projects.


There are 9 Grove modules and other controllable components assembled in the kit. Some of which can sense basic environmental signals like light, temperature, humidity, and infrared. Furthermore, Grove 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer and Grove Mini PIR Motion Sensor can help with object movement detection. Users can apply control function through Grove Rotary angle sensor and 20 key-mini controller, displaying light show with different LED lights, Grove - WS2813 RGB LED Strip or Grove LED Socket Kit, controlling mechanical motion with Grove Servo.


Seeed has published Seeed Studio XIAO Series Courses, which contain the basic information of Seeed Studio XIAO Series, Grove modules, and Seeed Studio XIAO Expansion board, providing three kinds of projects as Practice, Advanced, and Self-developed. Written as detailed as possible, Seeed presents this course for free, encouraging development boards beginners to quickly get to know development boards like Seeed Studio XIAO Series and then proceed to realize their fun projects.


  • Environmental Signals Sensing
  • Object Movement Detection
  • Displaying Light Show
  • Controlling Servo

Part List

Seeed Studio XIAO Expansion boardx1
Grove - WS2813 RGB LED Strip Waterproof - 30 LED/m - 1m, A.1 (Design) x1
Grove LED Pack x1
Grove Rotary Angle Sensor x1
Grove Infrared Receiver V1.1 x1
Grove - Light Sensor v1.2 x1
Grove - Mini PIR Motion Sensor x1
Grove - 3-Axis Digital Accelerometer (LIS3DHTR) x1
Grove Temperature&Humidity Sensor V2.0(DHT20) x1
Grove - Servo x1
USB Cable;Type A to Type C x1
Grove Cable x7
Male-Male Jumper Wire x4
20 keys mini controler x1
cr2032 button cell x1


HSCODE 9023009000




We provide free XIAO Series courses here to help you quickly get started with XIAO series development boards, including basic knowledge and enhanced projects. Enjoy it!



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