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Programmable Universal IR Remote Control Kit with Arduino UNO

The kit can provide the components needed to implement a programmable universal remote control. Including an Arduino UNO development board,a Seeed Base Shield, as well as Seeedstudio Grove module and Keyes. Programmable universal remote control can realize multiple precise Sony IR signal combination control by pressing a single button on the Keyes.





    ScottC provided us with a tutorial on how to create a programmable universal IR remote control. This project will convert an ordinary Keyes infra-red (IR) remote into a programmable universal remote. It can realize multiple precise Sony IR signal combination control by pressing a single button on the Keyes.. This project can be customised for other IR methodologies, however, you may have to modify the Arduino code to accommodate them.

    Before officially starting this project, you should prepare the listed Arduino UNO development board, a Seeed Base Shield, Seeedstudio Grove modules, Keyes, jumpers and other components. In addition, the KEYES IR Remote Control is not included in the component purchase link provided by us, you can click here to purchase it. After preparing these things, we can start building our programmable universal IR remote control!

    The setup of the system is easy to get started. You can connect all components according to the provided Connection Instructions. After the hardware connection is completed, connect the power supply through the USB cable to power the Arduino UNO. Before that, you should download the latest Arduino IDE and install related library files. You can download and burn the code through the web page. For specific operations and codes, please refer to Grove IR Universal Remote Project.


    • Programmable universal IR remote control

    • Operate multiple devices with a single press of a Keyes IR remote

    • Extend the application to the control of multiple other IR devices


    • Smart TV remote control

    • Smart audio & lighting remote control

    • Smart air conditioner remote control

    • Smart home - Remote control of IR equipment





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