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Smart Indoor Harvesting Kit Using Wio Terminal & Blynk

This tutorial introduces how to use the Wio terminal and Blynk application of Seeed Studio to create and implement a cloud-connected, fully automated, and intelligent indoor plant harvesting system.





    Mithun Das and his lovely daughter Sashrika Das gave us a tutorial on how to use Seeedstudio Wio terminal and Blynk to create your own houseplant harvest. The project is very interesting and easy to implement. It is very suitable for leading children to experience hand-planting and knocking on the door of the electronic world.

    Before officially starting this project, you should prepare the Wio terminal, temperature and humidity sensor, LED strip, water pump and other components listed. Of course, prepare a suitable size container for planting plants and various accessories. With these things ready, we can start building our "indoor plantation manor"!

    Our project chose Wio Terminal because it has the following obvious advantages: 1. In-Build Display; 2. In-Build WiFi; 3. Rich community support; 4. Easy integration with Blynk.

    Blynk is a new platform that allows you to quickly build interfaces for controlling and monitoring your hardware projects from your iOS and Android device. After downloading the Blynk app, you can create a project dashboard and arrange buttons, sliders, graphs, and other widgets onto the screen.

    You can connect Wio Terminal Chassis Battery to provide power support, and it has four additional digital/analog, one UART Grove connectors. The Grove connector can directly connect to Grove components, such as temperature and humidity sensors, soil moisture sensors, etc. Then you can start the connection between Wio Terminal and Blynk app, as well as hardware connection, pin settings, etc. For specific operations, you can refer to Smart Indoor Harvesting Using Wio Terminal & Blynk -

    The kit can realize intelligent indoor plant cultivation, and has the characteristics of cloud connection and full automation. Of course, the project can be scaled up and applied to more scenarios, such as smart plant greenhouses.


    • The Wio terminal's display screen displays real-time room temperature, humidity, ambient light, and soil moisture levels.

    • All real-time related status can be seen on the Blynk app anytime and anywhere

    • Automatic watering, and the watering threshold can be adjusted directly on the Blynk app according to different plant needs

    • Automatic light can be switched on and off according to the preset time and adjusted according to the actual light.

    • Threshold adjustment can be adjusted directly on the Blynk app without touching the code.


    • Smart Indoor Harvesting





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