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SenseCAP S2110 Grove to MODBUS RS485 Converter, an open-source tool to build RS485 sensors with Grove

SenseCAP XIAO LoRaWAN Controller is a quick tool for IoT developers to build IoT sensors and applications and a custom open-source LoRaWAN device with low development cost.

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SenseCAP XIAO Controller is a quick tool for IoT developers to build IoT sensors and applications and a custom open-source LoRaWAN device with low development cost.


  • High-Performance Core: Powered by High-Performance Seeed Studio XIAO RP2040, dual-core ARM Cortex M0+ processor, flexible clock running up to 133 MHz, 264KB of SRAM, and 2MB of onboard Flash memory
  • SenseCAP Data Logger Compatibility: Easily Connect to SenseCAP Cloud with SenseCAP Data Logger; Plug&play Bluetooth Setup with SenseCAP Mate APP in 5 Minute
  • Various Sensors Possibilities: 500+ Grove Sensor Choices for Almost All IoT Application Needs
  • Multiple Platforms Supported: Compatible with IoT platforms such as Helium, TTN, LORIOT, etc
  • Ready for Deployment: Mounting pad included, ready to deploy with IP66 Outdoor Enclosure


SenseCAP XIAO Controller is a quick tool for developers to build IoT sensors and applications and a custom open-source LoRaWAN device for IoT developers.

It has Seeed Studio XIAO RP2040 as the dual-core ARM Cortex M0+ processor and has one Grove and one RS-485 connector, which enables developers to connect with 500+ Grove sensors and various sensors support RS-485 protocol and develop various IoT applications at low cost.

For the LoRaWAN application, developers could easily connect it with a SenseCAP LoRaWAN Data Logger(*not included in the product) to transfer the data to SenseCAP Cloud within a simple 5-minute BLE configuration in SenseCAP Mate App. Precise data results and further analysis could be easily obtained from SenseCAP Dashboard and SenseCAP Mate App. Other IoT platforms such as Helium, TTN, LORIOT, etc. are also supported.

SenseCAP XIAO LoRaWAN Controller makes up for the defects of insufficient sensor types and the high cost of existing outdoor sensors. The IP66 waterproof protection rate enclosure enables it to be deployed outdoors easily and safely. SenseCAP XIAO LoRaWAN Controller enables developers to build their own sensors according to a specific scenario or IoT application demand, further verify the IoT prototype, and also build the hardware bridge for developers to quickly connect to the SenseCAP Cloud.



  • Smart Agriculture
  • Smart Buildings & Cities
  • Smart Industrial Control
  • Office/Home Monitoring
  • Environmental Protection
  • Other Wireless Sensing Applications

Part List

SenseCAP XIAO Controller


Mounting Pad


Screws Set


RS-485 Cable


*SenseCAP S2100 LoRaWAN Data Logger and Grove Sensor are not included in this product.

About "IoT into the Wild"

The theme of Seeed's new product launch in 2022 is "IoT into the Wild". Check low-power sensors to ultra-long-range gateways fully featuring Edge AI and LoRaWAN.
【About SenseCAP】Among the first launch of the Seeed industrial IoT (IIoT) product series, SenseCAP focuses on wireless environmental sensing applications: smart agriculture, precision farming, and smart city, to name a few. It consists of hardware products (sensors, data loggers & gateways, etc.), software services (SenseCAP portal, mobile App, open dashboard), and an API for device & data management.


1. Is the LoRaWAN network coverage necessary when using the SenseCAP XIAO LoRaWAN Controller?

Ideally, yes. LoRaWAN enables your solutions with ultra-low power consumption and wide-range transmission. When connecting with the SenseCAP S2100 Data Logger, this device can be connected to the local LoRaWAN network if there's network coverage nearby. Also you can manage to build LoRaWAN network on your own by deploying gateways. (Check SenseCAP LoRaWAN gateways)

2. What APP can be used when binding the controller and managing the device?

The SenseCAP Mate can be used to bind the gateway and manage the device. It is a powerful tool for the usage of the SenseCAP XIAO LoRaWAN Controller. You can download the APP here: 1. iOS; 2. Google Play; 3. App Center


HSCODE 8517691099
USHSCODE 8517180050
EUHSCODE 8517180000




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