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24GHz mmWave Sensor for XIAO - Human Static Presence - FMCW,Arduino support, Home Assistant, ESPHome

24GHz mmWave Sensor for XIAO - Human Static Presence is a expansion board for Seeed Studio XIAO series. It is an antenna-integrated, high-sensitivity mmwave radar sensor that is based on the FMCW principle. Combined with radar signal processing and accurate human body sensing algorithms, it can identify human bodies in motion and stationary states.

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  • Based on the FMCW principle: highly sensitive and immune to environmental interferences
  • Comprehensive Human Body Detection: The sensor not only detects moving human bodies with high sensitivity but also exhibits sensitivity to static individuals, micro-movements, as well as individuals in sitting or lying positions.
  • Multi-Level Intelligent Parameter Adjustment: Adjusted using Bluetooth or a serial port, providing flexibility to meet varying environmental conditions and scene changes. Additionally, it supports direct parameter configuration through an app, eliminating the need for a serial port connection.
  • Wide Detection Angle and Long Sensing Distance: With a field of vision of up to 60 degrees, the sensor can detect movement from a wide angle. Furthermore, it can detect things up to 5 meters away.
  • Excellent Shell Penetration and Aesthetics Enhancement: Has good shell penetration, allowing it to work discreetly inside the product's casing without the need for surface perforations.


The 24GHz mmWave Sensor for XIAO - Human Static Presence is an extension board designed for the XIAO development platform. It serves as a highly advanced human body sensing module that utilizes FMCW (Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave) technology to detect human targets within a designated space. Powered by sophisticated radar signal processing and precise human body sensing algorithms, this module achieves exceptional sensitivity in detecting human presence, accurately identifying both moving and stationary states. It also provides auxiliary information such as target distance calculation. Primarily deployed in indoor environments, this product offers real-time detection of moving or micro-moving human bodies.

It employs cutting-edge 24GHz millimeter wave radar sensor technology, delivering significant advantages in human body sensing applications. It exhibits remarkable sensitivity not only to moving human bodies but also to static, micro-moving, sitting, and lying human bodies, surpassing the capabilities of traditional solutions.

Featuring a maximum sensing distance of up to 5 meters and an expansive detection angle of ±60 degrees, this module guarantees accurate identification within the specified range. It supports partitioning of the sensing range and effectively shields interference from outside sources. Additionally, it supports Bluetooth functionality, allowing direct radar parameter debugging via a dedicated app, eliminating the requirement for a serial port connection.

Furthermore, the module demonstrates excellent environmental adaptability by maintaining consistent sensing performance regardless of temperature, brightness, humidity, or light fluctuations. Its shell penetration capability eliminates the need for surface perforations, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the product. The module offers flexible configuration options for the farthest sensing distance and sensitivity, enabling personalized and fine-tuned setups.


Human body sensor light control

Life safety protection

Smart home appliances

Intelligent security




Operating Frequency


Operating Voltage

DC 3.3V

Power Supply Capacity


Average Operating Current

79 mA



Target Application

Human presence sensor

Detection Distance

0.75m ~ 6m (adjustable)

Detection Angle


Distance Resolution


Sweep Bandwidth


Ambient Temperature

-40°C ~ 85°C


18mm x 22mm

Hardware Overview





This photo describe how to connect the 24GHz mmWave Sensor for XIAO with XIAO:

Part List

24GHz mmWave Sensor for XIAO - Human Static Presence


7-pin female header



HSCODE 8526109090
USHSCODE 8526921000
EUHSCODE 8471707000
RoHS 1



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